Thursday, August 16, 2007

Atlas Of Back Pain (full coloured pictures)

There are few greater challenges to clinicians than the diagnosis and treatment of patients
with back pain. The process of making such a diagnosis requires an understanding of
the complex anatomy and physiology of the spine and the ability to differentiate
between structural, functional, congenital and pathological conditions that can occur in the
spine and potentially cause or impact upon the symptoms of back pain and decreased
functional capacity. The ability to examine and treat patients with back pain is dependent
on the ability of a clinician to visualize changes that can occur in the normal
structure and function of the spine that may result in pain, and to assess the effect of
the social, occupational and emotional factors that may impact upon the manner
in which a patient responds to pain.

This Atlas of Back Pain is an effort to help the clinician in the visualization of the
spine by defining normal and abnormal spinal anatomy and physiology. This will
be attempted by means of diagrams, anatomical and pathological slides
as well as the presentation of imaging and physiological tests that are available
to the clinician and which can be used to assist in the diagnosis of patients with back pain.......

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