Thursday, August 30, 2007

C++ Collections

Here's a quick collection of C++ and related pdf's. the collection includes the following books:

1. C++ Complete reference Mc-Graw hill edition
2. C++ Essentials
3. Data Structures in C++
4. Programming C++
5. Thinking in C++,by Bruce Eckel

Download the Collection pack at the following link:
PW: s15a14u2ib

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Comment on the Post after you download..don't be leechers always

Others who downloaded C++ Collections also downloaded:

1. Algorithms and data structures in C by Alan Parker
2. Question and Answers on Unix,c,java,core java,EJB,JDBC,XML,UML.....etc
3. Art of Assembly languages
4. Learning UNIX Operating system
5. All About Blue tooth

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