Thursday, August 9, 2007

Make your Windows XP Genuine......

Windows Genuine Advantage

Make your Windows Genuine

This zip file contains all the required softwares for making your windows xp genuine.the software has been tested on my system and is working well for me since 4months.i'm not responsible for any non functioning of ur system if it doesn't work well with your a precautionary measure make a restore point or create a back up for your data and try it.the simple method id to reg the registry entry and make your XP genuine.

Advantage of Windows Genuine:

All critical updates can be downloaded for the windows and its related products like MS office.also you can downlaod microsoft products like Microsoft reader,windows media player 11,internet explorer 7,........etc.which require validation of your windows.please read the read me file before trying it out. and take advantage of it....

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Deepak said...

Excellent file.....Thanks alot for ur post...keep rocking :)