Saturday, October 13, 2007

Google Adsense Ebooks and hacks

Google Adsense! the name that revolutionised the internet advertising creates many oppurtunities for webpublishers to make bucks out of their own site/blog.As a matter of fact today there is no site that uses adsense as one of it's main resource for money earning.

This post contains many such hidden secrets,hacks and everything about working with google.The collection pack has the following books in it:
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1. 55 google fun ways
2. 33 days to online profit
3. Adsense Secrets
4. Adwords miracle
5. Blogging
6. Google Cash-make money using google
7. Getting started with google adsense
8. Google as a Hacking tool
9. Google Hacks
10. Google Secrets-how to get a top 10 rank
11. Internet Money Tree
12. Make your blog profitable
13. O'reilly google hacks-3rd edition


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Anonymous said...

the file was deleted from mediafire servers, sorry...

Srikanth Reddy said...

vl upload hte book shortly and post the link once again..stay tuned