Monday, September 3, 2007

MatLab Guide

A Guide to MATLAB: For Beginners and Experienced Users, Second Edition

Book Description:

This book will be useful to complete novices, occasional users who wantto sharpen their skills, intermediate or experienced users who want to learn about the new features of MATLAB 7, or who want to learn how to use Simulink,and even experts who want to find out whether we know anything they don't. You can read through this guide to learn MATLAB on your own. If your employer(or your professor) has plopped you in front of a computer with MATLAB andtold you to learn how to use it, then you'll find the book particularly useful.If you are teaching or taking a course in which you want to use MATLAB as atool to explore another subject - whether in mathematics, science, engineering, business, or statistics - this book will make a perfect supplement. As mentioned, we wrote this guide for use with MATLAB 7. If you plan to continue using MATLAB 5 or MATLAB 6, however, you can still profit from this book.

Book Info:

Published in 2006

Published by Cambridge University

Author Brian R. Hunt

ISBN 0521850681 .
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