Monday, September 3, 2007

Matlab Primer


Book Description:

The latest edition in this best-selling series, MATLAB® Primer, Seventh Edition incorporates a number of enhancements such as changes to the desktop, new features for developing M-files, the JIT accelerator, and an easier way of importing Java classes. In addition to the features new to version 7.0, this bookincludes a new section on M-Lint (the new debugger for M-files), a new chapteron calling Java from MATLAB and using Java objects inside the MATLAB workspace,a new chapter on calling Fortran from MATLAB, a new chapter on solving symbolicand numeric polynomials, nonlinear equations, and differential equations, and a new chapter on cell publishing, which replaces the "notebook" feature.

Book Info:

Published in 2004

Author : Timothy A. Davis

ISBN 1584885238 .

Size 1.80MB

PW: 4gf56GK

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