Monday, October 1, 2007

Nano technology Book Collections

Here is the collection pack of 20 Nano Technology PDF's.The collection pack includes the following books.
1.Basic Classical concepts
2.Basic Nano Tech Introduction
3.Carbon nano tube for nano electronics
4.DNA based nano electronics
5.Engines of creation-the coming era of NT.
6.Introduction to Continuum Physics
7.Nano tech industry..........
and so on.

The List of books and links are as follows:
1. Basic Classical Concepts:

2. Basic Nano Tech Introduction:

3. Carbon Nano tube for nano electronics:

4. DNA based nano electronics:

5. Engines of creation-the coming era of NT:

6. IMEC's NE research platform:

7. Industrial applications of nano materials:

8. Introduction to mesoscopic physics:

9. Introduction ot Contiuum physics:

10. Nano tech industry:

11. Nano Physics-Introduction to modern concepts of science:

12. NT and power buildings-Solar power' surprising future:

13. NT,AI and robotics:

14. NT by Univ.of california:

15. Overview of Nano electronic Devices :

16. Primer on Scanning tunneling microscopy:

17. QM-Nano science and NT.:

18. Quantum Nano elctronics:

19. The fascinating world of NT:

20. Recommended books-Physics pre doc's PDf's:

21. Nano technology-science and computation:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting,
the last book has password in angelfire, can you give it to me?
tank you

Anonymous said...

password removed for last ebook